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Thank yous

I’m sending out a big Thank you very much to your foundation . I truly do appreciate you and your foundation for helping myself and my children. I’m very grateful . Sending love and prayers your way . Also to your beautiful staff. (name withheld)

“I truly appreciate your help. You have no idea what it meant to me to receive the [contribution] towards my rent. I thank you so much for your help.” (name withheld)

“Because of your generous donation, I am able to pay my rent.” (name withheld)

“I just want to Thank you … for everything you guys have done for me and my family! It’s definitely a blessing I could not image what I’ve would have done without IAZF’s help!” (name withheld)

“My heartfelt gratitude for your kind assistance with my rent…. Your kindness will always be remembered. God bless you. ” (name withheld)

“I am truly appreciating your assistance during the time of COVID19 pandemic epidemic crisis. For wonderful staff all hand on deck, You did not waste any time. I would like to thank your staff Sr. Frances, Yusef Amin and Zakat Foundation.” (name withheld)

“I … remember Islamic-American Zakat Foundation paying my bill. I’m grateful for that…. I took the advice about being self-sufficient…. I want to send some funds your way to say thanks for the advice that was well taken. Allah helps those who help themselves. We also get what we strive for.” (name withheld)

“Thank you for your valuable support.We will always remember.” (name withheld)

“I’d like to thank you and the Zakat Foundation for helping me in this very trial time in my life. Your generous gift has helped me tremendously. I am truly grateful. Please send my thanks to every member and financial sponsor. I am truly grateful for each and every one who made it possible. With a heart filled with thanks,” (name withheld)

“Shukrun … for your rescue.” (name withheld)

“Your dedication ,,, is a true example of the story of the good Samaritan, when we are asked to reflect on the meaning of brotherhood. I can’t thank you enough for your help and thoughtfulness at this difficult time of my life.” (name withheld)

“Thank you for all that the foundation does.” (name withheld)

“I am truly appreciating your assistance during the time of COVID19 pandemic epidemic crisis. For wonderful staff all hand on deck, You did not waste any time. … I really appreciate your support from Islamic American Zakat Foundation. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that we will work together in the near future. After pandemic is no longer a threat. Our lives can get back to normal. But never forgetting people who help me along [the] way.” (name withheld)

“[T]he $70 [in fitra money] was a golden gift this year due to the Covid crisis…. I wish to thank you very much for supporting me and my family. This year the $70 made me able to buy chicken and fish, which we did not have during Ramadan. Thank you sincerely.” (name withheld)

Thank you for assisting me with your Program. I really appreciate your service. (name withheld)

“I always remember your assistance in my adversity. May Allah sw reward you all for your help to the Muslim community. Just donated $500 to IAZF. Health, blessings and a happy long life to you all.” (name withheld)

“I am writing this letter to express my deep thanks to the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation … for helping me pay the past due electricity bill…. I am very grateful and always will be.”– (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for all the help, my family and I are so grateful. … I am seeing a therapist twice a month. I have applied for full time employment with the Recreation department. I appreciate the advice and feel that my family and I will not be in this situation again.” — (name withheld)

“I am so grateful to Allah (SWT) that the IAZF helped me during my time of need, and the financial counseling and social services I received from the staff was very beneficial. It is such a blessing that I am able to donate to this great organization, and support its mission and cause.” — (name withheld)

“I’m so inspired by your commitment to our most vulnerable neighbors. Thanks to your generous gift of $400

can end their homelessness and move forward in their lives….” — Susie Sinclair-Smith, Executive Director, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless

“I got the check that you all mailed out to me and I thank you very much. And may God bless you all and me.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you … [for] the gracious deed.” — (name withheld)

“Thanks to your contribution, my second eye surgery has been successfully conducted. I’m truly grateful to you for your kindness and effort to help. May Allah always showers His blessings on you and continues to help you in assisting those in need.” — (name withheld)

“To Dr. Ahmad and Brother Yusef and the entire Foundation, Peace and Allah’s Mercy be upon you all. The Prophet (pbuh) said ‘Not thanking the people is like not thanking Allah. Allah reward you all.” — (name withheld)

“I can’t thank you enough for the help with my mortgage. I want to be able to pay to the poor-due/zakat….” — (name withheld)

“A Special Thanks to all members for their generosity, thoughtfulness and caring to people like me. I sincerely thank you all and may God continue to Bless you all, in good health.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for helping me at this difficult time in my life. Please extend my gratitude to your staff as well. I will always remember your kindness, generosity, and hard work on my behalf.” — (name withheld)

“We’d like to express our deep appreciation for The Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, which serves eligible Muslim and non-Muslim alike, with grace and kindness. We are proud to have you as our partner.” — Bethesda Cares

“Shukran for your help. I really appreciate the financial assistance that the IAZF provided to my family. Inshaallah I will start my new job… When I get ‘on my feet’ inshaallah I will contribute to the IAZF and its cause in helping needy families.” — (name withheld)

“I just wanted to express how grateful I am for your organization. Thank you so much. Bless you.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for helping moving forward to the next step of life and al humdilah I have got my car and able to pay back my credit card and rent.”– (name withheld)

“You’re terrific! Thank you so very much [Islamic-]American Zakat Foundation for helping my children and I. We sincerely appreciate your help.” — (name withheld)

“Thanks so much. You helped me with my rent.” — (name withheld)

“I got the … job I wanted. I am just waiting for them to finalize my paperwork. Thank you again for your valuable help. I can never forget your help and Inshallah I will always keep in mind that giving back is always important.” — (name withheld)

” I would like to thank you for the bottom of my heart [for the ticket home]. I am leaving tomorrow, inshallah.” — (name withheld)

“I want to thank you for your kindness and for the grant I received today. I appreciate it very much. I pray that I am able to give to others as Allah has given to me.” — (name withheld)

“I came to the office seeking any type of help & help you gave me! I was in the toughest unstable living situation being threatened to have me &my baby literally kicked out on the streets. I haven’t been more fearful in my life. You … went above & beyond to make sure that didn’t happen! I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you & this organization as a whole!” — (name withheld)

“I am writing this letter … to thank you all very much for your help as well as your assistance…. Sisters and Brothers, there [is] a place in Heaven for this organization … and there will always be a special place in our hears for this foundation. This foundatin will be blessed by God in so many ways for all your good deeds to others…. Please, by all means keep up the good work.” — (name withheld)

“Thank God for you and thank you for the donation towards the rent… It was such a blessing to me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! — (name withheld)

“Thank you for all your help & prayers.” — (name withheld)

“I received the check in the mail for assistance towards my balance and wanted to say Thank you for your help with this! It was difficult for me to even get started with the application for assistance but you made the process smooth and easy for me. Most services that provide assistance have a way of making you feel low down and small to the point you will never go back for help but you were always very pleasant and have a way of making someone feel there is no need to be ashamed of needing help and I really appreciated that. You’re very good at what you do.” — (name withheld)

“Jazak Allah Khairun for your assistance once again; may Allah continue to bless IAZF for being such a support to the community.” — (name withheld)

“I am eternally grateful, humbled and thankful … to the Islamic American Zakat Foundation and the community of Muslims who have so graciously extended their hand in assisting me in a my moment of need and desperation. I am in complete AWE of the The Grace and The Mercy of our Sustainer and Creator … Allah the Most High! … God Willing it is my intent to lend myself to supporting the work and service of the Zakat Foundation. The service you provide is invaluable and very much needed. May Allah continue to reward you for your good works.” — (name withheld)

“Many thanks and blessings for your help with our mortgage. We really appreciated it.” — (name withheld)

“To express our sincere Thank you (Alhamdulillah, wa subhanAllah). We are truly thankful God has allowed your organization, Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, for helping our family to transcend our present financial difficulties. JazakAllahu khair. In sha Allah, bless our family with extra falüs may God remind us to send a generous donation … to the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation to help others in need as you have helped us. Ameen.” —

“Thank you very much for thinking of me and my family during the holy month of Ramadan…. I have been going through some really hard times…. I really appreciate your kind gesture and moral support. May Allah continue to strengthen your foundation and its leaders and members.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for assisting with our eviction notice; we are still in our home. God bless you.” — (name withheld)

“I can’t begin to express what your gift means to me and my family. The money is most definitely helpful, there’s no doubt about that. But more than the monetary value, I so greatly appreciate the thought behind the gift. Illness is a burden but your actions have really lightened the load. For that especially, I thank you. This time has been difficult for us, but knowing we have the support of people like you certainly helps. Please know I won’t forget your kind gesture. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.” — (name withheld)

“May God continue to bless Islamic-American Zakat Foundation and your families.” — (name withheld)

“I can’t say thank you enough … for your help with me & my daughter. We appreciate all you have done….” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for the financial assistance that you … provided me last month. It was indeed a blessing and I am truly grateful.” — (name withheld)

“I am just in receipt of your kind payment check for Dr. (name withheld) .

As health-dental care … continues to be difficult for mature persons without needed, affordable health insurance, such financial assistance to remain healthy becomes critical. Thank you for the help for my dental health,” — (name withheld)

[T]hanks and appreciation for the time and assistance given to my family in trying times.” — (name withheld)

“[G]ratitude for all you have done. May Allah SWT bless you all for your hard work and dedication.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for all your help and the fast turnaround. I really appreciate it ” — (name withheld)

“Thanks for helping our family in a time of need.” — (name withheld)

“Brothers Imad and Yusef I thank you. May your efforts to help me and others number the sands of Aluge (a place recorded to be very sandy); and may Allah continue to give fiscal strength to the foundation. You all are in my du`aas.” — (name withheld)

“I would like to say I appreciate everything that you did with assisting my family at our time of need. I really don’t know what I would have done without your kind words of wisdom it really meant a lot to me.” — (name withheld)

“I received your generous assistance today and I just wanted to say JAZAK ALLAH KHAIRIN…ameen to you all…Your assistance by ALLAH’s leave has truly aided in securing the residence of me and my daughters… Think no charity too small we are instructed for even a smile is a sadaqah…. I so appreciate all of your warm smiles I deeply feel accompanied this check…. Bro. Yusef I cannot fully express how much your encouraging words and guidance have shined brightness in my daily striving toward self sufficiency…may ALLAH be pleased…ameen.” — (name withheld)

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your assistance. I so appreciate the help, the referrals, the budget counseling. It’s fantastic to know that there are still good people in the world who pay it forward. I hope to pay it forward as well one day.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you very much for the wonderful help towards my rent during the time of my financial difficulties. This helped makes a big difference in my life. I really appreciated everything that you have done for me me the Almighty God bless you all. I am praying that when the Almighty God blesses me with a job, I will one day fulfill my Zakat obligations and give Sadaqa to the Islamic American Zakat Foundation.” — (name withheld)

“Jazaakum Allah Khairan! I really appreciate the assistance you have given me in my time of need. May Allah Azza Wajjal who warned you all. Ameen! special things brothers Imad, Yusef and everyone!” — (name withheld)

“If ever feel you can’t do any more, that you are simply exhausted, remember me and my daughters. Remember how you pushed through it all. I do. I do frequently in fact. My two oldest orphan girls often talk about how they feel marginalized within the community here and they do remember [the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation staff member] who did all he could do at all hours to ensure that their mother could take them to safety. They say you restore the pangs of seeing maltreatment towards them by other Brothers and Sisters. Again, Alhumdulillah for you!” —

“Jazak Allah khair for helping us through this difficult time. I pray Allah (swt) will change our circumstances so that we can return the gift of zakat to others, amen. I pray that Allah (swt) will bless you all in this life and in the hereafter with the choicest blessings, amen.” — (name withheld)

“The Prophet (pbuh) said: The one who looks after a widow or a poor person is like a Mujahid who fights for Allah’s cause! Allahu akbar Shukran…. Well appreciated and needed! May Allah keep us to be the best of Muslims.” — (name withheld)

“Many thanks to you for your kindness. We will continue to make du`a for this organization. Shukran, Shukran, Shukran.” — (name withheld)

“May Allah reward you all, and your families, with the highest level in Jannah for your generous financial assistance to my family and me in our moment of need.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for remembering me.” — (name withheld)

“I was able to get a job as [details omitted] so things are going well. [M]y personal life isn’t an issue, but thanks to you …, I have been able to work some issues. with the help of a sister. I am thankful to Allah for all your help.” — (name withheld)

“Jazak allah khair. I found work and my 1st day is Tuesday…. ALHAMDO LELLAH. Barak allah feekom for all your dua and kind words. Also my landlady contacted me and used my security deposit and paid my rent ma sha’allah. You are all so kind. May Allah reward you the best of rewards.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for being nice. I needed to hear some nice words. Thank you for your phone call…. Thank you for caring.” (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for your assistances in my time of need. It is very much appreciated … and really helped my family.” — (name withheld)

“May Allah (ta`ala) reward you all, your families, and the jammat for the generous contribution towards my mortgage. It was truly a big, big help!!! Shukran Again. — (name withheld)

“I just wanted to thank the [Islamic-American] Zakat Foundation for … your assistance and compassion and promptness in … communication and being in touch with me along the process of reviewing it…. I really appreciated it because I know that, like myself, zakat recipients are not thrilled that they are applying for zakat and it makes the process so much more dignified…. May Allah continue to bless the [Islamic-American] Zakat Foundation and all the workers and donors. … I appreciate the encouragement in the letter that accompanied the check.” — (name withheld)

“I personally just want to say thank you for you and this organization helping me financially with rental assistance during this challenging time in my life. Also, thank you for the words of encouragement–never give up! And keep my faith in my God! Things are changing for me! — (name withheld)

“Shukran and may Allah reward all of you and your families the best in this life and the next for the financial assistance that was sent to assist my family…. It truly helped!!!” — (name withheld)

“I thank Allah for the aid I received from the Islamic-American Zakat foundation…. I also appreciate the kind inspirational … letter. Inshallah I hope to make a donation to the I.A.Z.F. when my economic status improves. May Allah reward the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation and your contributors with His best.” — (name withheld)

“May Allah (swt) bless you for taking us under your wing. I’m thankful for the brotherhood and care.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for advocating on my behalf. Your support has made all the difference.” —

“Thank you for the letter and the inspiring words…. I really appreciate the work of your organization and the thousands of Muslims who do our duties daily in giving sadaqa/zakat in the form of money, smile, or a piece of date. May Allah, Ar-Rahman removed from you, your community, and the contributors to the Islamic American Zakat Foundation all of their hardships in this life and in the hereafter, ameen.” — (name withheld)

“May Allah (swt) bless you with the highest level of Paradise and nearness to Him, amin. We will make good use of the bus passes, in sha Allah. I was so happy and relieved to see them in the mail, alhamdulillah.” — (name withheld)

“I am writing to deeply thank [you] for approving my request for help. Your gift allowed me to catch up financially and keep my family in its home with the lights on! I appreciate also the kindness and supportive consultation provided by Yusef. Your charity had a very positive effect on the lives of my husband, myself, and our family.” — (name withheld)

“Jezakallah khair for all your efforts. Mashallah. I did receive a check. … Inshallah it will benefit me in my search for employment.” — (name withheld)

“I would like to thank the Review Committee dearly for your generosity. It means so much to my family and me during this time of need. … I pray that Allah continues to allow your foundation to prosper!” — (name withheld)

“Al-hamdulillah for the checks yesterday. I just want to say how really extremely grateful I am and how much it has helped me. It doesn’t matter how small the amount, the impact is very large. In sha Allah ta`ala, I went to interviews and in sha Allah, they told me [there is a nine in ten chance that] I am going to get the job. In sha Allah you can be looking for something from me to contribute to the [Islamic-American] Zakat Foundation. May Allah (swt) continue to bless your organization.” — (name withheld)

“I really want to thank you and the organization for helping me in my time of need. Though financially I have yet to catch up on past due bills, I am on my way. When finances permit I will send a love offering to the Zakat with much gratitude and thoughtfulness.” — (name withheld)

“Shukrun and may Allah (ta`ala) reward all of you and your families the best in this life and the next for the financial assistance that was`sent to assist my family and me, It truly helped!!!” — (name withheld)

“Jakum Allah Kul Khair. Thank you for the $50 check for Zakat-al-Fitr. It … came in a time of great need. Shukran.” (name withheld)

“Thanks for being polite, kind, and passionate.” — (name withheld)

“Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you brother for your encouraging and uplifting words. You have inspired me to do things I haven’t thought of in such a long time. Sort of a rekindling of the spirit for that I’m grateful. I do agree to seek help in all the areas of my life that have been suggested. And thanks for the concern for my longterm well being. It’s been a while since I’ve felt true compassion from my fellow man. I thank you [and] my son thanks you….” — (name withheld)

“I would like to thank you for you advice and counseling. It was most useful. Thank you for the check. may Allah bless your organization to continue to give even more to assist Muslims.” — (name withheld)

“Your special ways and generous heart make a beautiful difference. Thank you for being there in my critical time of need. Your generous deed will not go unappreciated.” — (name withheld)

“Shukran for the help it is greatly needed and appreciated. May Allah TA’ALA continue to bless this organization with the good of this world and the in the hereafter. ” — (name withheld)

“Jazaak Allah Khair for helping me and my son with our electricity bill. May Allah subhana wa ta`ala bless you in this life and the hereafter, amen. Sometimes it is hard for me to cope with all the worries on my shoulders, at those times it is great to have the support of the ummah, Alhamdulillah. Allah be praised in all situations. Please make du`a for us & I pray that I will soon be in a position to give zakat as well, amen.” (name withheld)

“Thanks for everything. All your efforts are greatly appreciated.” — (name withheld)

“I got the check … [for] my landlord today. May Allah reward you for your kindness; it was well needed and in sha Allah, I will be one of those who give back.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for your help. I will remember you. You will be in my prayers.” — (name withheld)

“I want to extend to you my sincere gratitude for your assistance … with my medical expenses…. [My] disability income due to cancer as well as diabetes … is not sufficient to pay all of my monthly expenses and bills…. I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter as it has been most challenging for me on many levels, both physically as well as mentally. My financial challenges are difficult, but it helps to give me some comfort that an organziation such as yours is available to help those in need.” — (name withheld)

“We were given a furnished house to live in for the next 9 months, and ISA we will be able to get our lives back on track. Thank you and IAZF for all of your help! Without it, we would very likely not be here or be safe today.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for your help. May Allah continue to give you strength and means to help others.” — (name withheld)

“[O]ur house fire destroyed/damaged over 90% of our belongings…. I would like to thank … the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation [among others] … for`all the prayers, kind words, volunteers, donations … [that] have been overwhelming but beautiful blessings for my family. …. it was as if we had no fire. …. if there is anyone anytime in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for helping me in my struggle. The test has been hard and still testing me. I have a new job…. Thank you and may Allah help you.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you … for all of your attention and concerns in assisting me with my expenses. If you should ever need to call on me, please do not hesitate.” —

“[Our] family would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitutde for remembering us through difficult times. Alhamdulilla, [our son] celecrated his 1st post-transplant anniversary this Eid…. May Allah continue to bless your efforts.” — (name withheld)

“Allah (swt) bless you and keep you! I thank you for you answered me; you have been my help during my current financial challenge.” — (name withheld)

“I would like to take this time to just thank you for assisting me with my electric bill…. Be blessed,” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for your help. May Allah reward you,” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for the funds for my family. As you know my husband is in prison…. The check came to my family at a time that we are in hardship and it is greatly appreciated.” — (name withheld)

“Ramadan mubarak! [Here is] sadaqa for those in need. You once aided me. Allahu akbar!

Al-hamdullillah! I was homeless in Virginia and my umi sought your assistance for me. I am blessed to get my life back on course.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for helping me during my time of need. Please accept this $200 for zakat to be used for helping other Muslims who are in need.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for assisting our family in our time of need. May God continue to bless this beautiful foundation.” — (name withheld)

“I love y’all fi sabil Allah…. May Allah reward all of you with the highest reward. I appreciate all of the assistance….” — (name withheld)

“Thank you for getting my tooth extracted. I was in great pain and without you I don’t know what I would have done.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so very much for … the check you sent me to help pay my overdue rent. Thank you for talking to my landlord, thus making him show more patience…. I have made payment arrangements … until everything is up-to-date. This would not have been possible without your generous help…. May Allah (swt) make you live long enough to enjoy on earth the good you are doing, and get endless rewards and jannatul-firdous. Ameen.” — (name withheld)

“May Allah (ta`ala) reward you and your families the best in the life of this world and the next for the badly needed work you’re doing and assisting me with our mortgage payment!!!” — (name withheld)

“A Note of Gratitude: May Allah keep us as One.” — (name withheld)

“Your kindness was an answer to my prayers.” — (name withheld)

“May the Blessings of Allah be multiplied a thousand times for your kindness extended to me in my time of need. Shukran.” — (name withheld)

“I am very grateful to Allah for touching the hearts of His servants during this very special month of mercy and forgiveness…. I want the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation to know that I sincerely appreciate the charitable donation that was given to me. I pray that Allah will bless and reward all of the people who give/have given sadaqa to the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation to provide monetary assistance to me and other people who have been faced with financial difficulties at some point in their lives. I also pray that all of the Muslims who give sadaqa donations to the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation will be blessed by Allah to receive a reward in this life and an even greater reward in the life to come, Insha’Allah.” — (name withheld)

“True social service is in giving. May Allah reward you for this Zakat as a great reward has been promised. From this widow a humble Thanks could not have been sufficient. May Allah reward your good deeds.” — (name withheld)

“I pray that God would bless your organization for the gift you gave me at this time.” — (name withheld)

“I must write to thank Allah … and the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation for your help and assistance. … Also, may Allah accept your prayers for me to get back on my feet fully….” (name withheld)

“I would like to thank you for helping me in my rent last month. That was a huge favor, more than you can imagine.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for making my move to [transition housing] from the shelter possible. May Allah reward you in this life and the next for all that the foundation will do and has been able to do for believers in need.” — (name withheld)

“I have to congratulate you and your organization for the wonderful and … excellent job you are doing with the community.”– (name withheld)

“I am taking this opportunity to thank Almighty Allah [swt] … and asking Him to reward all those Muslims who have contributed to [the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation]. May Allah [swt] strengthen them spiritually and financially and make them among the “muttaqin.” I am also taking this opportunity to thank … all your Zakat employees and committee members…. I will always have your organization in mind.” (name withheld) .

“A heart-felt thanks. May Allah (awj) bless your efforts and all the rest of the Muslims who take their din seriously. I want to tespecially thank Sr. Sola for her efforts and advice.” — (name withheld)

“Thank you so much for helping me with my eye glasses … [which will] be in one day this week. How happy I will be to be able to see normal…. When person is blind way I am its living misery not being able to see correct way.” — (name withheld)

“On behalf of myself and my family, I want to thank the Foundation for fulfilling Allah’s decree regarding assiting those in need. … At first I was apprehensive since I am a stranger to your organization. Yet, through constant contact with my case manager … I did not feel like a stranger too long. … it will be my pleasure as time progresses to be a future contributor so that I can fulfill my obligation to ‘give out of what has been provided for me.'” — (name withheld)

“Shukran for providing me the funds to catch up…. I didn’t know years ago that when I contributed funds to your organization for people in need that one day I would be one of those people. It gives me great pleasuere to know that your organization is real and reliable. — (name withheld)

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you … for the kind generosity that have shown us in this tim eof need. We truly thank God for placing it in your heart and spiriut to assist usat such a critical time. … May God continue to bless you and your agency… ” (name withheld)

“And now, there is light. …the children were so happy … [that] they sat down and did their homework immediately without being told to do so. One of the little girls did her homework for the entire week. … I do not have the words in my vocabulary to express how grateful I am for your help. I simply did not have anyone or anywhere to turn or anyone to go to. … please express my gratitude to the Brothers and Sisters and the board and the Mu’mins who contrbuted to the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation. I will never forget this ….” (name withheld)

“Thanking first Allah for giving the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation its existence, an dpraying that youwill continue with your work, I thank you for the immediate assisatnce granted me in November…. None of the favors of my Lord do I deny….” (name withheld)

“May your blessings be in abundance and continuous. Shukran, shukran, shukran for your help and support.” (name withheld)

“I really want to say thank you for the gift … to help prevent my eviction. I really want to say thank you again and I can’t express how I am really thankful and appreciate it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really blessed me! Sincerely, (name withheld)

“Your assistance was greatly appreciated, and came at a time in our lives when we were unable to meet our basic needs to our fullest ability. I cannot thank you all enough….” (name withheld)

“Thank you Bro. Ahmad and the committee for promptly responding to my distressful call ….”

“As-salaamu alaikum. On behalf of the Muslim inmates and myself, we wish to thank you for your generous donations of the Qur’ans and da`wah literature, as well as your speedy response to our request.” –Muslim chaplain, Maryland Correctional Training Center.

“I am to have big surgery (operation) [on] my left leg … because this gift, big help from you and Islamic-American Zakat Foundation … I will always remember you, and always [pray to] Allah for my and your best of health. Thank you brothers.” (name withheld)

“I received your bounty and very much appreciate this. … I paid [the landlord] in full and use dthe remainder to pay electric and a debt for groceries. Allah is healing me and bestowed so much mercy upon me.” (name withheld)

“May Allah continue to guide you in your endeavor to help those in need.” (name withheld)

“Your gift came at a time when I was very low. It has given me strength to clear my mind and work towards brightening my future.” (name withheld)

“Thank you on my recent request, when you assisted me … with the rental help and your spiritual advice. I can’t thank you enough. Bless your soul for everything you’ve done. (As-salamu alaikum.)’ (name withheld)

“I would like to thank you and the Islamic-American Zakat Foundation, a true blessing from Allah. … I have moved into my own home, a blessing indeed. I pray that you are doing well. If there is anything that I can do … contact me.” (name withheld)